Technology Solutions for Hospitality Services

Set your services apart with seamless technology.

Sorbis takes your hotel and your guests’ experiences to the next level.

Young elegant manager of luxurious hotel using tablet against chambermaid changing bedclothes and preparing room for new guests

Guest expectations
are high.

Whether it’s faulty key cards, a computer system malfunction, or a security breach, it’s pretty hard to exceed your guests expectations when technology issues are causing stress (or downright disasters).

If your system isn’t in top-notch shape, it can leave you worrying:


Is your staff as efficient as they could be?


Are there blindspots you’re missing?

…and here’s the biggie: How is your technology impacting your guests?

With Innovative, Well-Managed Technology, you can:

Stand out—for all the right reasons.

We believe:

Minimalism isn’t enough when it comes to technology.

We know you want your basic IT needs handled. But, more than that—you don’t want to miss out on opportunities that could further enhance your guest services.

That’s why our proven approach to technology is carefully designed to allow our team (and yours) to focus energy where it belongs—on providing premier accommodations for your guests with exceptional amenities.

Receptionist and businesswoman at hotel front desk

Say goodbye to IT hassles and hello to a smooth-running hotel.

Our services go above and beyond so you can do the same for your guests.

When you entrust your technology to us:

Issues are prevented.
No more scrambling to fix problems.

We dislike service tickets as much as you do. Our team stays one step ahead, proactively monitoring and addressing potential concerns long before they can cause havoc.

Data is protected.
No more worrying over your company's safety.

Security breaches often come with hefty fines and can do major damage to your reputation. But, those aren’t the only reasons we go beyond industry standards to protect your data. Like you, we care deeply about your guests’ privacy.

You're propelled forward.
No more stress over ever-changing technology.

Our comprehensive approach includes regularly aligning your systems with the latest government standards and industry best practices. As your technology partner, we will make strategic recommendations, identify opportunities, evaluate risks, and empower you to make informed decisions.

Get a dedicated technology partner invested in your success.

Here’s how we’ll start.


Make a call.

Schedule a low-key, no-pressure chat with our founder, Gene, so he can learn about your business and your goals and share our proven six-part approach.


Get a quote.

From there, we’ll customize a plan that fits your needs and includes transparent pricing (don’t be surprised if Gene reveals an opportunity in your current IT plan as part of the process!).


Gain a partner.

When you’re ready, we’ll continue to understand your hotel like it’s our own, handle your day-to-day needs, and uncover opportunities to advance your company to the next level.

Ready to take your technology to the next level? Let’s talk.


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