Data and Security: Protect Your Business From Every Angle

Although data security and data privacy may sound like the same thing, they are actually two distinct processes. Without them, many businesses would not be compliant with privacy and safety laws. Not only can this result in fines and reputational damage, but it can...

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The Six Stages of Incident Response

The Six Stages of Incident Response Incident Response is an essential part of protecting your business. Below we look at the six-step process and use compromised email software as an example  What is Incident Response  Incident Response is preparing for the...

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5 Cyber Security Risks to Watch Out for in 2023

The sharp spike in cyber security threats is nothing short of alarming. In 2022 there was an unprecedented number of cyber attacks and more sensitive data was lost than ever before. According to Check Point Research, cyber attacks increased 50% year on year, with...

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